Pittie Please Rescue adoptable dogs are all living in foster homes in the Chicagoland area. Meet and greets with adoptable dogs can be scheduled with potential adopters once an adoption application is completed and approved. To complete an application, visit the link below!


Hudson Koa

Hi there! I’m Hudson Koa, but you can call me Hudson for short! At one year old, I can bet I am pretty much everything you have been looking for! I am about 34 pounds, likely to pack on a few more since I am still young – but I think that’s a great size for a cuddle session at the end of a long day! However, my favorite thing in the world is dogs! I would really thrive in a home with another dog, but it won’t be essential for my adoption. I am also a quick learner! So far, I am potty trained, crate trained, know my boundaries in the house, kid friendly, dog friendly and cat friendly! I am pretty good on the leash thanks to my foster sister, Stella, who is showing me the ropes of walking with my foster parents. I really am just one of the happiest boys my foster parents have met, and they tell me I make them laugh a lot.

If you are looking for someone to make your days brighter and someone you would love to snuggle up with, then apply to meet me today!


Polly Pocket

Hey there, I'm Polly Pocket! I might as well be called Pocket Burrito though because I love rolling myself up into a blanket and snuggling with my foster mom. However, I think I'm the perfect mix of playful and cuddly. I won't turn down a romp in the backyard, a long walk, or a play session with toys but I am always down for a snuggle at the end of the day.

I am mastering my commands and house manners with the help of my foster mom working with me. I am great in the car and stay in whatever seat I am put in. I am working on my crate training, I promise to keep my crate dry but I am learning that it's an okay place to be!

I would love to meet my forever family soon, so head over to to fill out an adoption application!


Henry David

Hi, I'm Henry David. If you're looking for a gentleman who is small in stature but huge in personality, look no further!  I enjoy the finer things in life - food, playing with my foster sibling, snuggles my humans, and  taking naps. I sometimes greet new people and dogs with a bit of a bark, but once I've learned you're A-OK, we'll be friend for life.

I'm potty trained, crate trained, live with another dog, and can't wait to find my forever home. Are you the family I've been anxiously waiting for? If so,  apply today at! I can't wait to meet you!


Brad pit

Hi everyone! I'm Brad Pit, but you can call me BP. They gave me that name because I'm so handsome! Don't you agree? 

I'm 3 year old and on the smaller side but my heart makes up for that because it's extra big! I'm potty trained, kid friendly, and dog friendly. I've been around both senior dogs and puppies and all ages in between. I'm also a sucker for some snuggles. I  love snuggling up with my human! I'm a pretty chill dude that would love to find my forever home.  

If you want to meet me, please fill out an application at I hope to meet you soon. 




Hey there! I'm Perdita. Have you ever seen a more magnificent, underbite, goodness-filled, baby-unicorn?! Because PPR hasn't and that's why they saved me! I am sweet as can be.

I'm just under and year old and dog friendly! I'm currently enjoying the food life in my temp fosters home. But I'll be available soon! If you're in fostering to adopt, head over to and get your app in while I'm still around! 💕




Isabella is in the house.  I’m the newest member of PPR and they call me Izzy for short and I’m so excited to begin a new chapter in my life with a new family ASAP.  I’m working on my head tilt as you can see in my picture.  I am just under a year old and my old family said they didn’t have the time for me and they didn’t want to train me so I ended up in the shelter.  But I must look at the bright side so I am now looking for that special family that will help me with my training and spoil me rotten because that is what my dreams are made of.  I love all people and I am great around other dogs and cats too.  I adore all kinds of toys and I love playing and just being goofy.  If you would like to meet up and see how precious I am in person please go to the top of the page and fill out the application so we can get things rolling.  I cannot wait to meet you. 


Lisa vanderpump

LVP here! While I haven't starred on Real Housewives nor am I a British Author, I am just as fabulous as the real deal. And, pink is my color :) Before coming to PPR I was emaciated, my nails went without a manicure so long that they were curled under, but I was still as sweet as pie. My transformation is one and a million, but my story wasn't over yet and I am here to show you all what I am made of!

Shortly after being apart of PPR, the team realized that I had some bumps around my belly and the vets decided that I needed a double mastectomy. This is not something we thought would happen, but I headed in for surgery soon after. Unfortunately, after a long recovery, we found out that the bumps meant cancer. Only one side was able to be removed, but its not stopping me from living my life to the fullest.

I am a 10 year young Pit Mix with a zest for a fabulously laid back life. I am dog friendly, and live with both big and small dogs, but I like watching them romp around the yard while I lounge or walk around sniffing. I do also live with a cat and don't mind sharing space with him. Kids in the question? I live with them too! I have two foster human sisters and a foster human brother who is just a new baby. 

If you are looking for a Netflix and chill girl, I am just the one for you! Head on over to to apply to meet me today!




My name is Monica but everyone at PPR knows me as Mama Monica because I am the mama that gave birth to the Shameless Bunch.  My start in life was not easy and I found myself in a shelter, alone and very pregnant, terrified and about to give birth at any time.  I was unable to trust anyone.  Then one Friday night PPR rescued me but no one had anticipated the tragic happenings that would follow.  I was in labor on the car ride to my foster’s house and gave birth to my first puppy in the car.  I was so scared and confused that I was determined not to leave the car.  Several hours passed and I finally made it in the house where into the wee hours of the morning I gave birth to a total of nine puppies.  I was so nervous and unsure and that complicated motherhood so I lost four of my babies in the first few days.  In a heart wrenching decision by all, it was determined that my babies needed extra care, that I was unable to provide and I had to say goodbye to my babies.  Good news is they are all happy and healthy and I found a new foster mom who is so patient and understanding.  She works with me every day to teach me to socialize with my own kind and humans too.  Week by week I relax and trust a little more.  The doggie play dates I went on were a lot of fun so I think I would probably benefit from a confident, cool and collected dog friend to show me the ropes.  I am still unsure of new people so I would need someone who will let me come around slowly but I’ll tell you I am really treat-motivated and I’m responding super well to clicker training and this goes without saying, a few Pupperonis don’t hurt either.  

My favorite place to be is outside in the yard. I have a dog bed that I lounge on and get bully sticks to chew on but those tennis balls are my weakness.  I am not sure I get the concept of “fetch” but I will learn if you will help me.  During these dog days of summer, I have actually stepped into the baby pool to cool off since that pool of water peaks my curiosity.  My foster mom says that I prance around when happy and I show how athletic a girl can be.  

At the end of the day, just give me a stuffed animal to chew on and I’ll shred it in a heartbeat! 

The command sit and down I have mastered it’s the sit pretty that is a work-in-progress.  At night when I hear the clicker it means get to bed and my crate is where I dream for the night.  Did I mention I never, ever go potty in the house?   

I have a couple wishes.  One is an adult household and someone with a little dog experience who will help me continue to grow and last but not least, make sure I get my absolute favorite treat a frozen peanut butter Kong.  Go to adoption applications and fill out your information so we can meet in person and you can see my adorable underbite which cannot be seen in my "profile" picture above but is my signature look when you meet me in person.




Hi there, my name is Chesney and I think PPR picked my name from good ole’ country boy Kenny Chesney.   I am a youngster at 10 months old and a super smart boy.   The first thing anyone notices is my beautiful eyes and because I’m a mix of Catahoula my coloring is a bit over the top awesome, if I say so myself.  I love my walks and I’m super chill when on a leash.  My foster mom said I sleep through the night and I LOVE to cuddle.  I can sit when told and I play fetch like a pro and I also go outside to go potty, which means I am potty-trained.  Two great accomplishments already conquered so you can go now and fill out an application to meet me because I sure am ready to find my forever home.



Her gorgeous eyes make you wonder if she's born with it, or maybe its just Maybelline.

While Giada is fully grown, she is still a young girl with energy to burn. She loves a good romp in the yard, and even enjoys bringing a toy with her to play with or a stick will do. Once she has established a relationship with a friend, she loves to play with dogs as well! This young gal is a great shotgun rider, crate trained and quiet when in her crate (unless there's an unusual sound that she feels you should be aware of). Her number one love though is her two legged friends. Giada is eagerly responsive and always aims to please. Sit down on the couch at the end of a long day, and this gal will sprawl out in your lap for love and snuggles.

Looking to bring a snuggle bunny into your life? Look no further! Apply today at to meet Giada!



Hi there, I'm Shelby! Some of you may know me better by mom of The Great Eight. I was pregnant in the south side intake only shelter with my babes when I was rescued. Now that my pups are strong, growing babes, I am ready to find my forever home!

They aren't kidding when they say I look as sweet as I am. I  love to hang with my foster humans, kids and adults the same! I have made friends with my fur foster brother, Otis and co-exist with a cat! 

If you're ready to add an adorable mama to your life, then look no further! I am your gal. Apply to meet me today!




Hello! I'm Burrito. I'm a 5 year old Chihuahua. Humans tell me I'm a burrito of love! Apparently I'm sweet with a side of sass. 

I'm dog friendly, both big and small I love them all! I enjoy a nice long walk and a good play session but I'll never turn down a nap with some snuggles! I'm also potty trained and crate trained. What more could you ask for? 

If you think I'm be a good addition to your family, please apply to meet me at to set up a time!



Hi everyone, my names Rizzo. I was a very special rescue for the PPR crew. Not only was I their 100th pull but I was the pup that needed them most. Let me tell you my story. 

I'm on the smaller size, I've heard some people call me a pocket pittie and due to my size and the fact that I was too friendly and wouldn't fight; I was used as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring. When PPR found me, I was covered in scars and holes from puncture wounds, my dog was shredded, there was skin hanging from my lip, my tail was split open to the bone, and I was emaciated. I was in rough shape but PPR saw my my spirit , my zest for life, and how much love I had to give. They knew my life meant something and were determined to save my life. 

So my journey with PPR began. First I had to get all fixed up. I had the dangling skin and my tail was amputated/docked. But then the incision because infected and I had to get that treated. After that they found out I had heart worm, so I began treatment. Because of the heart worm I was weak and at risk. And then I caught a strand of sickness from the shelter, coughing often. I got treatment. Lastly several of my teeth had been cracked off and I had to have a dental performance to alleviate the pain.  A LOT happened.

I've come a long way. My scars are healing and I'm now ready to find my forever home. I need a family willing to continue my heart worm treatment with PPR and I need to be the only dog. I'm potty trained, working on my crate training, and know basic commands (sit, down, paw, roll over, and sometimes stay. I'm still working on that one!). Some of my favorite things are belly rubs, sitting on humans laps, snuggles, car rides, soaking up the sun, looking out the window, napping, and following my human around. 

Humans failed me, but I still love them and want nothing more than to be loved in a home I can call my own. If you can give that to me, please apply at



Hi everyone! My names Pongo! I was another special rescue for PPR because I was about to be euthanized and PPR stepped in and saved me! How lucky for me and my future forever family! 

I'm a ten month old pup and I'm deaf. But that doesn't stop me from learning and thriving! My foster family uses hand signs to signal what they want me to do and I've picked up on those really quickly! I'm pretty smart! I also love to play with other dogs! I'm dog friendly and working on my potty training and crate training! 

If you think I'm as special as the PPR crew says I am head over to to apply! I can't wait to meet you!